Three Reasons To Repair Your Car's Upholstery


It does not matter whether you bought your car with cracked upholstery or if your upholstery cracked after a few years of use, damaged upholstery does not look good in a vehicle. There are a lot of different ways that damage can occur to your car seats. One of the big problems is the sun beating down on the seats and causing leather to warp. Also just getting in and out of your car on a daily basis wears the seats down.

13 February 2017

Increase Visibility By Adding Paper Lanterns And LED Light Strips To The Inside Of A Screen Tent


If you will be serving a barbecue dinner inside of a screen tent, add some decorative lighting inside of the enclosure so that you and your guests will be provided with plenty of visibility by completing the project below. Materials paper lanterns craft paint artist's paintbrush newspaper glitter self-adhesive rhinestones battery-operated LED lights twine or thin rope staple gun staples self-adhesive hooks  LED flexible light strips sharp scissors measuring tape Paint, Embellish, And Assemble Paper Lanterns

16 January 2017