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Four Factors To Consider When Choosing The Curve Of A Sectional Couch


Sectional couches tend to have two types of curves for the corner piece. Some over a gentle curve that slopes around in a quarter circle. The other type offers a sharp ninety-degree angle. Both types of curves have benefits and drawbacks, and which you choose will depend on your personal preference and the space where you plan to use the sectional couch. Below are four factors to consider that will make your decision a bit easier. 

Will you place the couch in a corner? 

If you will place your couch against two walls, it is a good idea to choose a ninety-degree angle to allow the couch to fit closely to the walls. It can be easy to drop things behind the corner on curved couches, and if the couch is too close to the wall, it can be difficult to reach these items. If you still want the curved seating area, there are some couches that combine the curve with a ninety-degree angle by putting a small platform behind the curve of the couch. This can make a good place to store small items such as a remote control.  

Will the back of the couch face an entrance? 

If you don't plan to place the couch in a corner, you can freely choose between an angle or a curve. However, if the back of the couch faces the entrance of a room, you might want to opt for a curve. This can help make the transition into the room more inviting, and people will also be less likely to bump into the edge of the couch. 

Will the side of the couch be additional seating or a lounger? 

Some sectionals are built to allow for a large amount of seating in a small space. These tend to have a curved corner as it makes both seats near the corner more comfortable to sit in. Other sectional couches have loungers on the side. These are a single large platform that is meant to lounge on as opposed to sit upright on. These couches usually have ninety-degree angles to allow for more space in the lounger seat. 

Deciding how you will use your couch most often will allow you to purchase the shape that best fits your needs. 

Will the couch have a high back or low back? 

In general, low-back couches look better with sharper curves, while high-back couches benefit from the visual softening of gentle curves. If you are looking for a high-back couch and don't plan to put it near a wall, a gentle curve is your best option. 

When shopping for sectional couches, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right one that you might not have thought of before. Visit some local stores and look at all your options. 


17 September 2020