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Get The Most Out Of A Small Bedroom With Strategical Furniture Shopping


If you just bought a home that you are moving into soon and getting a small bedroom was one of the compromises that you decided to make, you may not know how to furnish the space while also getting all the functionality that you want and need. Fortunately, you can get creative with furniture shopping for your bedroom to meet your goals even when working with a small space.

Bed Frame

One of the furniture pieces that will take up the most space in your bedroom is the bed frame. While you will find a lot of simple bed frames that give you a place to put your mattress on, you should go into the shopping process with the goal of getting a lot more from a bed frame.

In most cases, you will find that the best secondary use for the bed frame is to provide you with a lot of dedicated and reliable storage space. While a tall bed frame makes it possible to store items underneath, you can enjoy a better outcome by getting a bed frame with built-in drawers.

This will make it easy to store items and take them out when needed because all you will need to do is pull open a drawer all the way to see everything that is inside.


Some bed frames will come with a headboard attached while others are a separate purchase that you need to make. Regardless, you should make it a priority to buy a headboard that does more than provide you with a place to rest your head when you are relaxing in bed. An ideal outcome is buying a headboard with built-in storage in the form of shelf on top or shelving on the side.

If you want to get even more functionality out of the headboard, you should consider getting one with wood or metal components that allow you to add a clip-on bed lamp with ease.


While a tall or wide dresser should give you a considerable amount of storage space for your clothes, you should be looking for more than just storage from this furniture piece. A wide dresser that has a large surface area and an attached mirror will give you a great deal of functionality.

Being able to display jewelry, perfume, makeup, hats, and other accessories on the top of the dresser while also having a mirror to treat the space as a vanity will help you tremendously.

Shopping for furniture with these things in mind will help you get a lot of functionality out of a small bedroom from the strategical purchases that you make.

For more information about bedroom sets, contact a local furniture store.


6 May 2020