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Three Types Of Child-Friendly Upholstery For Your Kitchen Table Chairs


If you have young children, one thing that you can count on at mealtime is food being spilled. Whether the food lands on the floor or on the chair between the child's legs, you'll have to stop your meal for a moment to address the mess. If you eat most of your meals at the table in your kitchen, you want the chairs to be upholstered in a material that is stain resistant. Otherwise, even a new chair will look old because of its stains in a very short amount of time. If your chairs currently have seat cushions that are upholstered in a fabric that is difficult to clean, take the chairs to an upholstery service to discuss reupholstering them with one of the following child-friendly materials.


One type of material that is highly resistant to stains, thus making it a good choice for your kitchen chairs, is vinyl. Vinyl is available in many colors and designs, so it shouldn't be difficult to find one that suits the look of your kitchen. Regardless of the look that you choose, the big benefit of vinyl is how easy it is to clean. After your child has spilled something, you can simply wipe the mess away with a damp cloth and return to your meal promptly.


Because of its price, leather might seem like an odd choice for something that you know is going to have food dropped on it repeatedly, but the reality is that this natural material is highly durable, making it difficult to stain. This is especially true if you choose a darker shade of leather, such as black, dark brown, or dark gray. Like vinyl, leather is easy to clean with the wipe of a damp cloth, regardless of what your child has spilled on it. It also gives you a high-end appearance, which is something that you may favor.


You might initially think of clothing when you hear the term "polyester" at your local upholstery shop, but it's useful to know that this synthetic material is available for different upholstery projects. Having your kitchen chair cushions refinished in this material can be a good decision if you have messy children — and the number of patterns and styles available can be appealing, too. Polyester can often be difficult to stain, and its slick surface means that you can wipe it clean with ease. Your upholstery services professional can direct you toward polyester products that are known for their high degree of resilience.


9 January 2020