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Hello, I'm Nancy Gopher. Welcome to my site about furniture design and creation. I am crazy about making my own furniture. The furniture creation process always starts with a vision of the perfect design. I instantly jot the idea down on paper and tuck it into my wallet for later use. Upon returning home, I begin planning the materials and tools needed for the project. The materials range from wood and metal to plastic and fabric. I create my own chairs, tables, footrests, bookcases and bed frames. I will use this site to teach others how furniture products are made by hand. I will also explore all of the different furniture designs available on the market today. I hope that you will be intrigued by this subject and visit my site on a daily basis.

5 Reasons To Buy Antique Furniture


If you're wanting to shop around for furniture, you may be wondering where to buy the best pieces. Instead of heading online and buying brand-new furniture items, you may want to consider buying vintage and antique items. This is an excellent way to improve the look of your home, and it can be fun to find truly unique pieces. Here are some great reasons to buy antique furniture

It's a Green Choice

There are so many wonderful furniture pieces already out there. Instead of buying brand-new pieces and eventually creating more waste, you can buy used furniture. This is a great way to do your part and be greener. All you need to do is visit a vintage furniture shop or antique store to see what amazing pieces are waiting to be re-homed.

It Makes Shopping More Fun

Sure, it can be fun to shop online. But it can be more fun and rewarding to dig around for the perfect pieces. You can make a game out of it as you take a look at different vintage furniture stores for the perfect finds for your home. It may take time, but it will be worth it.

Get Great-Quality Pieces

Furniture just isn't made the same anymore. Many stores produce cheaper furniture items to keep costs low and to speed up production. When you want something that will be durable and look great for a long time, you should consider buying antique furniture. You can find some great, quality pieces.

Prices Don't Have to Be High

You may assume that antique pieces are always high in price, but that doesn't have to be the case. There are some vintage stores and antique stores that offer greatly priced items. You can find a steal and get a piece that really means a lot to you.

You Get Unique Items

What's the point of buying the same furniture that everyone else has? By investing in quality antique furniture, you can get some amazing, unique pieces. This will make your whole home look better, and each item can serve as a focal point in each room.

When it comes time to add more furniture to your home, don't head online and find a new retailer. Instead, consider looking at an antique furniture store so you can get quality, unique, beautiful items that will last a long time. You'll be amazed at all you can find!


7 January 2020