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Top Reasons To Purchase A Mattress From A Brick-And-Mortar Mattress Store


Considering the amount of time that human beings spend sleeping, having a quality mattress is essential. In this day and age, people can opt to either purchase their new mattress from a brick-and-mortar mattress store, or order a new mattress through an online retailer. While ordering a bed online may be convenient, there is still a lot to be said about taking the traditional approach to buying a mattress by visiting a local mattress store. There are many reasons to go to a mattress store when you need a new bed instead of ordering one through an online retailer.

Ability to Test Multiple Mattresses

You may know that you need a new mattress and have an idea of what type of mattress you desire, but it is very difficult to choose the right mattress without lying on several different models in order to find the one that feels best. When you visit a traditional brick-and-mortar mattress store, you will have the opportunity to lie on as many beds as you want, for as long as you like. This makes it much easier to figure out which mattress feels best and which one will help give you the best night of rest. If you order a mattress from an online retailer, you're taking a big gamble on whether or not you will like the feel of the mattress.

Knowledgeable Sales Associates

Buying a new mattress is a very important decision, and it can require a big financial investment. Thus, it is not surprising that most people want to make sure that they will sleep great on the mattress that they purchase. Brick-and-mortar mattress stores are staffed by highly trained sales associates who are available to answer questions and assist you in selecting the mattress that fits your needs and will give you the best night of rest. Most mattress store sales associates receive regularly training and updated information about mattress technology and different brands of mattresses, so you can have the peace of mind that you're buying the right bed.


Most mattress retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online, allow customers to try out a new mattress for a specific number of days; if a customer does not like their mattress, they can return it. However, shopping in a brick-and-mortar mattress store lowers the risk of buying a bed that you don't like, since you can lie on it first. With an online mattress retailer, if you do not like your mattress, you have to return it, wait for a new bed to arrive that you have never tried out and hope that it works out. Worst-case scenario, you may have to return several mattresses before you find the right one from an online mattress retailer, which can be a huge hassle and inconvenience. 

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6 March 2019