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3 Features to Look for in a Gaming Desk


One of the hardest parts about picking out a new desk is finding a suitable option for gaming. This can be quite difficult because many desks are designed to serve as normal workspaces and do not address many of the issues that a gamer can run into. Listed below are three features to look for in a suitable gaming desk.

Cable Management

One of the most important things to look for in a gaming desk is cable management. Desks that provide cable management often do so by providing cutouts in the desktop to allow cables to run to the outlets and PC located under your desk. In addition, these desks will often have rails and tubes built into the desk's frame that will allow you to run cables to and from your various components and equipment without the cables being visible. 

The reason that this is important for a gaming desk is that many gaming computers will have a lot more components in them than your average computer, and this means that more cables will be attached. In this situation, a mass of cables under your desk can lead to a cluttered setup and even issues with your components, as the massed cables can restrict airflow and attract a lot of dust. 

Heavy-Duty Construction

Another feature to consider when looking for a gaming desk is heavy-duty construction. This is vital, especially if you do not plan on simply keeping your computer on the floor underneath the desk or alongside the desk.

Buying a basic desk made from particle wood or some other lightweight material can be a mistake, as the material may not be able to withstand the weight of some gaming PC cases, some of which can weigh nearly 100 pounds. Instead, consider a desk that is made out of either steel or solid wood. 

Cup Holder

Finally, many gamers enjoy spending many hours in front of their PCs for an extended gameplay session, with the number of hours increasing quite a bit if that person likes to stream or record gaming videos for fun or as a career. In that situation, you will want to make sure that you have a built-in cup holder, as you will likely want a drink during these long sessions. While you can set the drink on the desk's surface, it is better to place it in a dedicated cup holder to secure the beverage because you do not want that drink to spill easily and ruin some of your very expensive gaming peripherals, accessories, or components.

Check out companies such as Advantage Office Products in order to browse the various potential gaming desks. A good gaming desk should have features such as cable management, heavy-duty construction, and a dedicated cup holder.


18 August 2016