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Hello, I'm Nancy Gopher. Welcome to my site about furniture design and creation. I am crazy about making my own furniture. The furniture creation process always starts with a vision of the perfect design. I instantly jot the idea down on paper and tuck it into my wallet for later use. Upon returning home, I begin planning the materials and tools needed for the project. The materials range from wood and metal to plastic and fabric. I create my own chairs, tables, footrests, bookcases and bed frames. I will use this site to teach others how furniture products are made by hand. I will also explore all of the different furniture designs available on the market today. I hope that you will be intrigued by this subject and visit my site on a daily basis.

Bold Bedroom Furnishings And Retro Remodeling Ideas


Give your bedroom a fresh look with some cool, contemporary furnishings that reflect a retro sense of style. Invest in some new pieces that echo some old trends seen in vintage interiors. Talk with furniture retailers about the best picks for your place, and to get the most from your refurbishing budget.

Some bold bedroom furnishings for your remodel include:

A swanky sectional. If your bedroom is large in size, you may have room to add a swanky sectional to the space. This will not only provide extra seating, or even a spare sleeping area, but also a natural barrier to separate your bed from a dressing area. Look for cool 70s-style sectionals in durable fabrics, such as vinyl or tweed.

A charming chaise. There is something very regal about lounging on a chaise, and these are the perfect accents for a bedroom. Instead of going with a vintage chaise, look at manufacturer's modern versions of these classic furnishings. These are found widely in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fabrics to fit your bedroom theme.

Awesome ottomans. Ottomans have a distinctive 80s style, and serve a multitude of purposes in any room, including your bedroom. Some modern variations offer storage cavities inside, which can help to clear clutter and store your stuff out of view. Add a couple ottomans in coordinating colors to your bedroom for cohesion, without taking up a lot of space.

A sophisticated screen. A dressing screen reminds viewers of old Hollywood and is perfectly suited to a bedroom or suite. These make a natural partition that will separate your sleeping space from a sitting area, dressing room, or even your bathroom. Talk with retailers about unique screens to fit your specific available space.

A dignified divan. A divan is something you don't find as frequently as you did decades ago, but these armless sofas are a great accent for the bedroom. Resembling a bench, a divan makes a great piece for the foot of the bed or along a wall under a window. Look for rich tufted divans, in colors that complement the other furnishings in your room.

An antique ambient light. A cool light fixture can add something special to your bedroom, and you will want plenty of illumination for reading, writing, or lounging in your favorite space. Look for new light fixtures that replicate some of the old pendant lamps and lights that were popular years ago.

Give your sanctuary a new look with some favorite pieces from your local furniture store. Talk with furniture retailers about finding quality items that exude vintage style, while providing the longevity expected from brand-new furnishings. Enjoy the retro feel of your your bedroom in style.


17 May 2016