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Want To Eat Meals At The Dinner Table? 4 Ways To Make A Small Space Work


Furnishing a small home is a little more challenging than furnishing a large home because you cannot just pick out any piece of furniture and expect it to fit perfectly. You have to get creative, especially if you intend on having large dinners at the table, whether it is with family or friends. It is not necessary to make drastic sacrifices to fit enough seating space, but choosing certain furniture can help you succeed.

Get an Expandable Table

While you can try to make any dining table work in a small dining room, you will have more success with an expandable table. The concept is simple, you can pull out the extension and connect it with the rest of the table when you intend on having more company or a massive feast with lots of dishes. To avoid issues with using the entire table, you want to consider the measurements for the fully expanded table.

Use Stools or Benches

It is possible to find compact dining chairs, but stools and benches are generally smaller in size. Although they may not be as comfortable to sit on, you can make a small dining space work just fine with them. Benches are ideal for having lots of children at the table because you can fit so many kids in a row. It is a distinct advantage over chairs and stools, which can only seat one person each.

Create Booth Seats

If you have room against the walls, you can create booth seats. You can replicate how restaurants will equip their dining tables with a combination of a booth and multiple dining chairs. Corner spaces are not ideal for chairs as you cannot pull them out or tables because a lot of space goes unused. Booth seats are able to make use of this impracticable space while also giving you more seating.

Add Storage to Walls

Whether you have a dedicated dining room or it is attached to the kitchen, you may have a need for extra storage. Instead of adding a buffet table, which will take up an excessive amount of room, you can make use of wall space to create storage. It is possible to go as far as building storage in between the studs, or you can hang a few sturdy shelves into the studs to give yourself plenty of weight support.

When you make use of these tips, you can easily create a functional dining room that seats plenty. To learn more, contact a home furnishings store like Surroundings Fine Consignments For Your Home


2 March 2016