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Choosing The Right Bed For Your Child's Room


If you are looking for the right bed for your child's bedroom, then you have a lot of selections available to you. When you are helping your child to get their room situated, the first thing you want to do is to make sure it is functional. With a child's room, you want to be sure they are left with plenty of floor space, have a room that's friend-friendly and that has a set up that works for their priorities and interests. The type of bed you get for the room can make all the difference to its overall design and you can learn about different choices you can chose from here:

Consider a bunk bed

If you put a bunk bed in your child's room then they will have a place for a friend to sleep without taking up a lot of floor room. You can get a bunk bed that has two twin mattresses to it or you can get one that has a larger mattress on the bottom and a twin on top. Which one you go with will depend on the size of bed your child needs to sleep comfortably.

Think about a futon

Getting your child a futon may be a good option if they like to sleep on a mattress that's larger than a twin, but they would also like to have the option of making extra space in the room during the daytime hours. The futon can be pushed up during the day so it's not only out of the way more, but it will also double as a couch for those times when they have company over. Make sure you look for a mattress brand that is credible and provides your child with enough back support. 

You may also want to go with a captain's bed

A captain's bed is one that has drawers underneath the mattress part of the bed. This may be good if you find that your child's dresser isn't quite enough for all the clothes they have, or if they simply could use some more drawers in their room to store their other belongings in.

A loft bed may fit better

A loft bed is one where the mattress part of the bed is up off the ground. This is done with secure stilts. This type of bed will free up a lot of floor space if your child's room is somewhat small. They can put items under the bed, such as a toy box, a desk or even a dresser.

Getting your child a bed that works well for their bedroom can really open up a lot of options with regards to the entire setup so they can enjoy their room even more.


13 January 2016