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Your Space: How To Create A Cozy Corner At Home Just For You


Do you dream of having your own space to retreat to at the end of a busy day? If so, you're not alone. Having a place to relax is probably at the top of nearly every busy person's wish list.

The great thing about having a personal space for relaxation is how easy it is to create one. With a few essential items and minimal furnishings, you can have a cozy space to rest and refresh yourself any time of the day.

Choose your space

You should choose a room with a low traffic pattern in the home. The master bedroom or a spare room will work best. A home office is also a good option. Don't overlook a corner in a dining room that is seldom used or a space that is unused in a finished basement.

A spot near a window will provide the added benefit of sunlight, which may help to enhance your mood and can provide additional warmth on chilly winter days.

Furnish it

The one essential item you must have for your space is a comfortable chair. Visit your local furniture store and try out several chairs that look comfortable. A recliner is a good option. If you prefer a standard chair, look for one that comes with a matching fabric ottoman. Having a place to elevate your feet is vital to a relaxing experience.

Look for a small stand or accent table to place beside the chair. A table should be about the same height as the arms of the chair for easy accessibility to your cup of coffee or reading material.

A table lamp or standing lamp is also important for those times when you want to curl up with the latest novel or magazine.

Decorate it

Keep it simple when choosing decorative items for your space. A space that is cluttered will not be conducive to relaxation and rest. Be picky and only choose a few items that will inspire you.

Some good choices are an inspirational saying hung on the wall by your chair. Consider using a favorite painting that inspires you. A live plant will add a nice touch of nature to your space.

Make it inviting

Place a comfortable pillow in your favorite color on the chair. You should also place a soft blanket or quilt over the chair or ottoman to use on chilly days. Place a small basket on the end table to hold your favorite headphones or electronic devices for when you want to relax with music.

Creating your own personal space at home is as easy as taking a trip to a local furniture store like Direct Furniture Outlet to look for a comfortable chair and choosing a place to put it. Having your own cozy corner waiting for you in your home will encourage you to pause in the midst a busy day to refresh your soul.


7 December 2015