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Hello, I'm Nancy Gopher. Welcome to my site about furniture design and creation. I am crazy about making my own furniture. The furniture creation process always starts with a vision of the perfect design. I instantly jot the idea down on paper and tuck it into my wallet for later use. Upon returning home, I begin planning the materials and tools needed for the project. The materials range from wood and metal to plastic and fabric. I create my own chairs, tables, footrests, bookcases and bed frames. I will use this site to teach others how furniture products are made by hand. I will also explore all of the different furniture designs available on the market today. I hope that you will be intrigued by this subject and visit my site on a daily basis.

3 Places To Sell Your Handcrafted Furniture


If you are particularly good at making handcrafted furniture in your shop and would like to sell it in furniture stores, there are a few ways you can go about it. Most of these marketing approaches require little more than the courage to enter a shop and talk to the owner. As long as you are not the shy type, you should have no problem taking your furniture to one of these three places to get your handmade furniture sold.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are an excellent venue if you have never sold any of your handmade furniture before. Hundreds of people can pass through a flea market during a weekend event, giving your products the exposure they deserve. It is also an excellent location to do a furniture-making demo while potential customers stroll by. While you may not be able to set up various power tools, you can bring several pieces to assemble, paint, varnish etc., at the flea market. It gives you something to do, provides customers with a show, and allows you the opportunity to create a finished furniture piece on demand, on the spot for anyone that asks.

Small, Privately-Owned Furniture Stores

Small mom-and-pop furniture stores, usually located on main streets in cities, might be interested in what you have to offer. You could bring some of your best work to a meeting with the owners, while providing a picture portfolio of everything else you have done. Sometimes these stores are only interested in selling a specific piece of furniture because other woodworkers and furniture crafters have the rest covered (e.g., only picnic tables or only coffee tables). If they like something in particular, they may ask for some floor samples to display, with a contract to sell for a certain price and a commission from every piece they sell.

Furniture Buyers for Big Retail Chains

This may be the most difficult way of all, since you will have to do some heavy digging to find out who the furniture buyers for big name stores are. Then you will have to get a meeting scheduled with the buyers, and either leave your products at home or pay for the buyers to come see your work in person. It is very much like an audition for theater or a TV show in that you want the buyers to see what you can do, but you will have to persuade them in every way you can to look at your products and consider them for the stores they represent.

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19 August 2015