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Eames furniture: A mid-century American classic


When we think of mid-century American furniture, nothing stands out quite like the work of Charles and Ray Eames. This modern, sleek, and interesting furniture is well loved by fans and collectors alike. Some pieces of Eames furniture can be worth quite a bit, since the production of most pieces were limited. If you're in the market for Eames furniture or you have a piece and don't know much about it, here's some information to help you determine its provenance and potential worth.

The Most Valuable Pieces

Eames first began producing furniture to sell in 1946. The most valuable pieces are within that first decade, from 1946-1956. This is when they were honing their craft and most pieces were limited in quantity. That's not to say that later models don't have much value; almost anything that is an authentic piece of Eames work is considered valuable. Over half of the furniture made had some kind of paper decal applied to the underside of it. Look for this decal if you're trying to determine authenticity. No label does not necessarily mean it's not real, but it can help quite a bit. Many of the labels featured the material maker such as the wood or fiberglass company where they were obtained as well as the signature Eames logo or maker's mark.

Keeping It Original

One of the things that makes Eames furniture so special is its originality. If you're looking a piece to buy or sell, pay close attention to any changes that may have been made to it. For example, an Eames piece should never be refinished or painted over. Even small things like the rubber feet should all be original and not replaced or changed. Altered Eames furniture can diminish in value substantially, especially in the eyes of collectors.


Later in their career, Charles and Ray Eames began to produce larger quantities of furniture. One of the things that can distinguish one piece from another is the choice of upholstery used. A chair in a solid color that was mass produced may fetch much less than the same style of chair with a wild, unique upholstery choice that may not have been made as frequently. The uniqueness makes it worth more, much like any other vintage or antique item. Eames also produced a line of office furniture. While this furniture has some worth, their home pieces like dining chairs, tables, and shelves are definitely worth more. 

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22 June 2015