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How To Decorate A Little Girl's Bedroom


If you're decorating your little girl's bedroom, you are nothing but lucky! There are endless possibilities to make your little girl feel like a princess and have a fun room to play in by herself or with friends. Here are some ideas that might inspire you.

The Door - Even though you leave the regular door up, consider having a carpenter making a door-within-a-door so that your little girl and her playmates will have their own entryway. It will feel magical!

  • Consider painting the door red and adding a fancy brass door knob and even a door knocker.
  • Another idea is to paint the door a light color and then stencil flowers or other designs on it. A doorbell that plays a pretty tune would be a darling touch that will delight the little people inside the room.

The Walls - If you're not an artist yourself, think about hiring a professional to decorate the walls in a magical way.

  • A mural that covers all four walls would be awesome! Paintings of faraway lands, children from fairy tales, whimsical flowers, birds, butterflies and fairies in a garden setting, or an underwater scene are all ideas that would enchant children.
  • Another idea for walls is to have chalk-painted wooden picture frames of assorted shapes, sizes and designs. Photographs or family members would be great in some of them, but think of adding fictional characters to others. Disney princesses or characters from children's books like Olivia, Heidi and Alice in Wonderland are great choices. 

The Furniture - Children love color.  Whether the reason is biological or environmental, it's just a fact.

  • In fact, some children are passionate about certain colors. If this is the case for your little girl, then use that color in her furniture. For example, if she loves pink, consider choosing pink as the primary color in the furniture. Tone things down a bit by choosing different colors for her accessories.  If your daughter loves many colors, consider selecting chalk-painted furniture which is not only charming, but it is also very unique, as each piece has its own design.
  • Besides the bed, consider chalk-painted accessories like a shelf on which toys and books can be displayed, bedside tables for a lamp and other collectibles, and a dresser with adorable knobs on it. A darling touch would be to have a chalk-painted trunk where your little girl can store her dress-up clothes.

Have fun decorating a magical room for your little girl!


17 June 2015