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Thinking About Refinishing That Old Piano Yourself? Here Is Why This Is A Job Best Left To The Experts


Brand new pianos can cost quite a bundle – the average price tag of a new upright piano runs about $3,000 for starters, and a grand piano can start at about $5,000. For those piano-playing wannabes who are on a tight budget, finding a used piano for a ridiculously low price may seem too good to pass up. However, even if the sounding board, keys and all parts are in place and operable, you may still have to decide what to do about an old piano's chipped, stained, or rough finish.

While it may be tempting to try and refinish a piano's exterior yourself, put away your DIY wood staining kit and consider these reasons why you need to have a professional refinish your new-to-you piano.

Consider The Value

Even if you find a scuffed up looking old piano practically being given away, this doesn't mean the item doesn't have some value as an antique piece or as a unique instrument. A professional piano restorer will most likely have a great deal of expertise in recognizing rare or otherwise valuable instruments. What you might have thought was junk could be something really special, and a DIY restoration project may very well remove some of the value.

A pro can identify the instrument and help you determine if refinishing the piano will hurt or help the value.

Professional Results

Restoring any wood project is very difficult. It requires knowledge about removing stain, varnish or veneer and properly replacing it so it looks original. Not many regular Joe's have the right tools and skill to tackle such a huge restoration project as a piano.

A professional restorer can not only make sure the results are beautiful and flawless, they can also do the restoration in a way that it won't hurt any of the components of the piano (i.e. no varnish slopped on the keys).

Save Time And Money

While you will have to pay for the services of having your piano refinished, you would also have had to pay for all of the materials (sandpaper, stain, wood filler, lacquer, etc.) needed if you did it yourself. Additionally, it would take many man hours to manually refinish your piano yourself.

A certified professional refinish your piano give you the results you want and without all the effort, mess and wasted time.

While it's tempting to stretch your DIY muscles by refinishing a piano, this is one situation where it's probably best to let the pros tackle the job. To learn more, contact a company like JFC Furniture Refinishing with any questions you have.


19 February 2015